Using Cacao


  1. Add your desired amount of Cacao to a cup or jug, If you have purchased the chunks you will need to either shave or do the steps below however placing them in a saucepan to melt the cacao down slowly.
  2. Add your favourite natural sweetener like raw honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar. (This cacao as it’s in the purest form can be bitter in taste so if you like the taste of bitter, you don’t have to add any sweetener).
  3.  Add any other ingredients you may wish; like cinnamon or chilli; medicinal mushrooms work well also; and I personally sometimes add a little coconut oil. (Keep these ingredients intentional and nothing artificial)
  4. Add a small amount of room temperature filtered water.
  5. Pour hot water (not boiling) to amount you wish in your cup (around 250ml is perfect) If my cup is bigger sometimes I add a little more
  6. Blend it all together, a stick mix works the best (you can also use a nutri-bullet or blender) Mix until it is smooth and frothy. A little hint if you want to have it at work or on the go when you are out and don’t have a stick mix or blender with you, I have a little handheld milk frother I brought from a kitchen shop and it works a treat.
  7. Pour into your cup (if it isn’t already in your cup), place it close to your heart or with your hand over the
    top of the cup and set your intention. Then enjoy!


10g to 15g (just under a tablespoon) – Small Dose – This is the one you would use for night time, or if you wanting a small buzz.

15g to 30 g (around 2 tablespoons) – Mild Dose – Your daily or morning dose.

35g to 42g ( 3 tablespoons) – Ceremonial Dose – This is used in a ceremonial setting and used with intention to connect deeply with the spirit of Cacao.